Encardia for the New Year

Encardia for the New Year leica

Encardia for the New Year

A public show organized by Athens municipality and performed by various artists in different spot of Athens. The famous greek group Encardia was performing in the street of Areopagitou, just beside the Acropolis.

encardia is the name of a Greek musical ensemble focused at and inspired by the rich musical tradition of Southern Italy. Their amazing and most energetic music collective creates and performs original music as well as traditional music of the region that Greek and Italian cultures mix. The group was formed in 2004 and has performed since approx. 500 live concerts not only in all regions of Greece, but in various places in Italy, in Southern France, Algeria, Germany, Switzerland and Cyprus as well. The troubadours of encardia have released five albums, all of them critically acclaimed. The unique connection they share with their audiences in concert, has often been notably mentioned by the media. They have collaborated with the most important representatives of the Southern Italian musical tradition in album recordings as well as in live performances (G. Avantiaggiato, R. Licci, Daniele Durante, C.Villani, E. Castagna, Ghetonia, Mala Lingua and many others). They have also performed with well-known Greek fellow artists such as A. Bakirtzis, N. Portokaloglou, F. Delivorias, K. Thomaides, V. Lekkas, C. Tsiamoulis, A. Ioannides, N. Xidakis, Klaudia Delmer, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens and many others. In August 2008 encardia were presented together with the veteran musician Giovanni Avantaggiato in the top and unique festival “La Note Della Taranta” in Italy! In March 2012, the documentary film of Angelos Kovotsos about “encardia”, called “encardia, the dancing stone” won the prestigious Audience Award in the 14th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and will be projected in other Festivals abroad.

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